Teachers Pet

Another hot poem by mark davis

Mark Davis Author / Poet

She looked over her glasses
At the source of the noise
Saw it was coming
From the young college boys
They caught her glance
One got up walked away
She checked out the one
Who decided to stay
She had been aware
Of this handsome one
Decided today
Was the time for some fun
She stood and on heels
Walked swaying her hips
Drummed on his desk
With her nails tip
Looked over her glasses
Held his stare
Cleavage in his face
He squirmed in his chair
“I have a task for you
If you would help me please”
Let her nail stroke his hand
Loved to tease
“Follow me to my office”
Let go of his hand
Knees all weak
At what she had planned
He followed behind
Like a pup on heat
In her office she pointed
To the floor near her seat
Locking the door
Removing the…

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